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Van der Horst Biodiesel
Technical expertise with financial and business acumen
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What is Biofuel
Van der Horst Biodiesel
  The Management
  The team consists of the technical expertise from the Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering together with the financial and business acumen of the Van der Horst Group.

Prof Tay Joo Hwa
Chairman and Director

Professor Tay aged 59 graduated from the University of Toronto with a PhD in Environmental Engineering, MSc in Water Resources & Hydralic Engineering from the University of Cincinati, and BSc in Civil Engineering from the National Taiwan University. As the Director and CEO of IESE he is responsible for the research & development and commercialization of advanced environmental technology. From 2001 to 2004, he received four National Awards for his outstanding inventions. He has acted as consultant to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UN, WHO, Asian Productivity Organization, German Technical Assistant Programme and Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft of Germany for various technical assistance programmes on environmental management in Asia Pacific region for the last 20 years. IESE provides consultancy services on environmental issues and has designed more than 30 treatment facilities for the water and wastewater management in the region.

Mr Peter Cheng Lim Kong
CEO and Director

Peter Cheng has clocked an unbroken professional career span of 37 years todate. He achieved his qualification of a Diploma in Shipbuilding from the Singapore Polytechnic through a 5-years part time course. Peter Cheng is also awarded with a Diploma in Marketing Management from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and a Diploma in Marketing from the Institute of Marketing, UK. He served his National Service on a 12-years part-time basis.

The first 10 years of Peter Cheng’s career was with various Shipyards in Singapore; 6 years of which as a Project Manager in-charge of Building Supply Vessels, Tugs and Barges.

The next 20 years was spent with George Kent (S’pore) Pte Ltd, the last 4 years as its Chief Executive Officer. George Kent is an Engineering Trading Company dealing with products for the Infrastructural Industries such as Water, Sewage, Petroleum, Gas and Electricity. Peter Cheng has also executed installation and commissioning of project works, including Sewage Pumping Stations, Tidal Gates, Gas Regulating Stations, Compressed-Gas Boosting System and Reverse Osmosis System.

Subsequently, Peter Cheng worked for another 2 years with GRP Limited, a Public Listed Company in Singapore, as the Managing Director of seven of its subsidiary companies, with 2 manufacturing plants factories in China and 5 trading outfits in Singapore and Malaysia.

Over the last 5 years and up to now, Peter Cheng works as a Chief Executive Officer with the Van der Horst Group of Companies, including Van der Horst Biodiesel Pte. Ltd.

Mr Kwan Chee Seng


Mr Kwan Chee Seng is the Chairman of the Van der Horst group of Companies, which he acquired in August 2001. Since the acquisition he has restructured and rationalized the Van der Horst Group. He is now positioned to spearhead his drive into the renewable, sustainable clean energy business.
Mr Kwan was the group Managing Director of mainboard listed GRP Limited, from 2000 to 2002
Prior to his involvement with GRP, Mr. Kwan had planned and developed a S$35 million high-tech warehousing and logistics facility at Xilin Avenue.

Mr Neo Kok Ching

Mr. Neo Kok Ching is the executive chairman, chief executive officer and director of Van der Horst Energy Limited.  He has a wealth of experience in trading, warehousing and logistics, and plays a key role in pioneering the Group. Since the inception of the Group in 1995, Mr. Neo is responsible for its strategic and business development, and spearheads its global operation expansions. He is relentlessly committed to the growth of the Group and will continue to play a leading role in guiding its future business expansions and growth.

Mr. Neo has former directorships with Chip Hup Timber Pte Ltd for 30 years and with both Chip Hup Hup Kee Building Construction Pte Ltd and Paratrans Industries Sdn Bhd for a period of 10 years, respectively. He is also a patron of the Potong Pasir Citizens Consultative Committee

Mr Neo Cheow Hui

Mr. Neo Cheow Hui is the executive director and Chief Operating Officer of Van der Horst Energy Limited.  He is also the Managing Director for GKE Warehousing & Logistics Pte Ltd, GKE Metal Logistics Pte Ltd & GKE Pte Ltd. He joined our Group in 1995 and has been directly involved in the marketing, overall management and daily operations of our general logistics and metal logistics businesses. Following his appointment as Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Neo has been tasked to oversee all the business units in the Group and work closely with the senior management to spearhead the global operation expansions and strategies. He brings with him more than 14 years experience in the warehousing and logistics industry.

Mr David Liang
Alternate Director to Prof Tay and Head of R&D

Mr. David Liang was born in 1950, in Taipei, Taiwan and immigrated with family to Canada in 1967. He received both his B.Sc. (Hon.) and M.Sc. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Queen's University in Canada. Since his graduation, he has worked in academia, industry as well as government sectors.  In total, he has accumulated over 30 years of experience in developing environmental solutions for the chemicals, food/beverage, energy, minerals as well as metal production industries. 

His career highlights included the appointment as Principal Scientist for the Recycling Program at Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technologies (CANMET) and Director, Canadian Institute of Energy, Ottawa Chapter. He also served for 2 years as the regional business development manager for the same organization covering Eastern Canada region. 

Since coming to Singapore, he has led a team of environmental professionals engaged in the design and development of environmental solutions for local industries in the area of air pollution abatement, clean energy, marine environment and solid waste management. He holds 8 international patents and is co-author of over 80 SCI scientific publications. He also serves on the board for 4 local environmental companies as well as a Member of the Executive Committee of the Hydrogen Implementation Agreement, International Energy Agency, based in Paris. He currently serves as VP for Technology and Commercialisation and Director of Advanced Clean Energy Center at IESE.

Mr Kelvin Kwan
Project Manager

Kelvin has a Full Technological Certificate in Electricity from the City & Guild of London Institute (1975) and a Master in Business Administration Degree from Henley/Brunel University , UK. (1994).

Born in 1953 he has extensive experiences (>20 years) in the manufacturing sector.
Eleven years of production experience with Hewlett Packard in starting up new lines, ramp up production, quality control and process improvements.
Started up the state-of-the-art fully automated 20MB 31/2 inches Winchester Disc Drive
in MiniScribe in 1989 as the Operation Manager and brought it up to full capacity within 6 months.
In-charge of contract manufacturing for Apple Computer, Wearne Technology and Seagate Technology from 1995 to 2000 while with Glorious Technology setting up process and control for each product.

Besides manufacturing Kelvin has also 11 years of Sales and Marketing experience with both local and MNC. As the Sales Director (SE Asia) for Positronic Industries (US Missouri) Kelvin identify , work with and qualified Positronic’s D-Sub range of Military and Space Connectors by the Defense Science Organization and become the sole supplier.

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