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Van der Horst Biodiesel
The leader in the biodiesel industry to provide sustainable and renewable fuel and at the same time, participate in the reduction of Global Warming.
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What is Biofuel
  Biodiesel Capacity

Van der Horst Biodiesel (VDHB) will built its first 200,000 tons per annum biodiesel plant in Jurong Island, Singapore and upon completion, a similar capacity plant in the Iskandar Development Region in Johore, Malaysia.

VDHB shall use Jatropha Curcas oil as the main feedstock. The oil will come mainly from its own plantations and through contract farming in the Asian region. The security of feedstock and control/management of price volatility is a major pillar of its strategy.
(Read more about feedstock under Agronomy.)

Production of Biodiesel will utilize an advanced low energy-input process technology.

Security of sustainable and renewable feedstock and the low cost of environmentally friendly, technologically advanced refinery processes together with continuous improvement through Research & Development are the main pillars of Van der Horst Biodiesel.

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